Saturday, November 9, 2013

Collaboration on Kingdom Rush

Module 5B

Emily & Ryan

The first thing that we noticed when playing Kingdom Rush, a single player tower defense game, together was or difference of opinion on how to most effectively beat each level. However, after playing a few levels and learning each others different strategies we started to create two person strategies that we by far stronger than our individual ones. We both felt that we did not require additional assistance in beating Kingdom Rush. However, it was nice seeing different ideas and concepts about the game from another person. Our overall attitude did not change from working with another person, but it did allow us to learn to work in a more collaborative fashion. This was helpful because this was an instance where the original content was designed to be done by an individual.  

The Game of Kingdom Rush involves imagination and brainstorming, as well as the ability to use strategy.  As we have embarked on this journey to protect our land and people from foes, such as minions, orcs, and wolves, we were enlightened to learn about different methods of playing the game.  We have both agreed that the emphasis of this game is not really on winning, so much as it is on learning    defensive/offensive strategies, as well as the ability to be flexible and willing to try new forms of fighting.