Monday, April 28, 2014

Comic Life...for preschoolers? Why not! (Best)

Learning about Comic Life, and how it works has opened up new ideas for how I can teach my students someday.  And I cannot help but be excited!

Comic Life, a program that enables users to create their own comic books using their own photos and personal captions, can make for an awesome way to teach students important concepts in school.
The assignment in which we were paired up to create a comic strip gave us the opportunity to use this program to create an aid in teaching students important concepts, both in schooling and just life in general.

As I think about how this program could be used to teach something to my preschool classroom, the idea of "hand washing" comes to mind.  I can take simple photos, with simple captions to show students how to go about washing their hands.  Instead of just using clipart, I can take photos of actual students (with consent from a parent/guardian of course) and they will actually get to see themselves and their peers showing how
hand washing is supposed to be done. :)

What preschoolers wouldn't love seeing themselves in a comic strip?! :)

Comic Life allows for all sorts of creative "word bubbles" and creators can use all types of fonts and "fun" and "kid-friendly" colors.

All of this being said, I'm excited to play around with this program a bit more, and learn more ways in which I can use it in my own classroom.

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