Monday, April 28, 2014

Why use iMovie?

Before this class, I had never really even heard of iMovie.  I had only used WeVideo, and I honestly thought that was the only movie creating program that I would ever really end up using.  Thank goodness I was wrong.

When we used iMovie to trim down home videos from the desktop of our lab computers it was awesome to see how this program enabled users to EASILY trim down videos and insert all types of unique and creative sounds and songs.  This program also enables users to incorporate different transitions all throughout the video.  All of these factors can make for a neat production!

In thinking about when I would find myself using this program again, I imagine all of the graduation slideshows and videos, or even anniversary slideshows I will someday make.  It's amazing to think about
all of the different tools in this program that can help to contribute to making a timeless video that captures only what you want it to, and omits all of the "junk".

I'm looking forward to playing around with this program a little more, and learn how even more tricks and tidbits that will help me to maneuver around iMovie and create unique productions and compilations of memories.

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