Thursday, May 1, 2014



What is it really? 

A couple of years ago,  I took a psychology class and was introduced to this term and was told the definition was "Thinking about thinking".  My brain hurt.  Thinking about much more in-depth can you go with a term?  

Since taking that class, metacognition has come up in any of my other psychology classes, as well as all of my classes for my educational technology degree.  It's become a part of how I approach my studies, and helps to determine what kind of lesson plan I want to create for students.

Metacognition is defined as: awareness or analysis of one's own learning or thinking processes.

It's neat to use metacognition as a base for creating lessons because I am thinking about my own thinking (AKA: learning) as well as thinking about what I want my studentsto think about while they're being taught.  I want the content I am teaching to reflect something that I have thought long and hard about, and feel strongly about. I believe that, in doing so, I can ensure that the material I am teaching is valuable, and full of content I find important.  Kind of a win-win in my book.

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