Thursday, May 1, 2014

Using images for visual appeal...

Alright, so here's the deal.

Very, very few of my blog posts include any sort of image or video or anything that could be deemed "aesthetically pleasing to the eye".  I didn't think it was a huge deal...until I started to notice a trend in the blog posting of other people:  A lot of people use pictures and videos.  I mean, a lot of people.

You might be asking why I'm not one of those people.  Well, here is my one reason.  You may think it's a pathetic excuse, but it's still my reason.  I feel like I wouldn't know where to put graphics in my blog posting.
I'm more likely to post a video because the content can easily encompass the big picture of my blog posting.

So, now my question is, why should I find value in inserting graphics and videos into my blog posting.

What's that you say?

Enhancing visual literacy?

Alright, fine. I guess you win.

When I think about the blogs I've read by people who are talking about different milestones happening in the lives of their kiddos, or even pets, I suppose I am drawn in more by pictures and visual "proof" of what is being talked about in the blog, than if I only read a bunch of words, but didn't have the visual appeal and images to enhance the content of the blog. So yeah...I guess I'm winning aware for world's most ridiculous blogger.
So here's a picture of a cat.

     Hey, look at that!  I inserted an image.  Did I do it right?  No?  You mean, I cannot just insert random images wherever I please, and I need to use images that correspond with the content of my blog? Oh. Sorry, kitty.

         Alright, so in all seriousness, I am realizing the importance of being selective in where I insert images,
and I am going to start thinking more about how I can insert images into blogs that will be appropriate for what I'm talking about in my blog.  So, without further adieu....

An image that exhibits what this blog has entailed....

I suppose I can jump on board with this images thing and begin to work on developing skills in using visual literacy in my postings.


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  1. Two images in one post? Don't hurt yourself Em ;-) I still think you could benefit from my Visual literacy class! See you in Fall?