Thursday, February 13, 2014

Personal Reflection on Collaboration Project

     For this collaboration project, we were unable to communicate with our group members only through different modes of technology.  I understand why we were given these restrictions, but they most definitely added some level of frustration to the project in its entirety.

      I learned quite a lot about the importance in technology that works, as well as how often I, personally, take advantage of technology.  This project also taught me a great deal about the importance in putting different ideas together and finding the main idea that comes from each of those ideas; which an be compiled into one "big" idea.

       Working collaboratively gives students the opportunity to bring different ideas to the table.  It was neat to see how some of the ideas from members of our group at times, while at other times each member was thinking of something that somewhat differed from other members of group.

Google docs

       For my collaboration project, my group chose to use google docs as our method for creating the presentation.  This form of presenting our information was rather simple to set up, but I came up against a few problems when trying to insert different graphs into our slides.  The information ended up being projected to the audience, only in a different way than was originally planned.

       Google docs taught me a lot about being flexible, and not always expecting technology to work according to plan.  I was able to work around the bumps in the road, but it was not without a small degree of frustration.

All in all, google docs served as an efficient tool, and taught me not only about a technological tool, but also a little more about the art of improvising and being flexible.

The video below informs viewers about how google works, and the gist of what it entails.

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