Wednesday, March 5, 2014

STEM Projects (Best)

        In attending the STEM seminars for the K-12th graders last week, I learned quite a few new and innovative ideas about education.  I sat in on a presentation by a group of high school students, as well as a group of elementary students.

       The high school students had worked on a huge project via a few different computer programs, and their progress on this project was monitored by their teacher via a website that was connected to these programs.  It was neat to see how the students and teacher were able to connect through this mode of technology, and how we as the audience members were able to see the work they had done, as well as bits of pieces of the project in its developing stages.

      The other seminar I attended was by a group of (I believe to have been) third graders. These students had done a project that tested the amount of light a certain rock or mineral could reflect.  The students had an actual instrument that measured the the degree of reflection and density from one rock or mineral to another.

      Another project these students presented included a remote control car connected with a camera.  The students were able to use a computer program that connected with the remote control, and students were in turn able to use the computer program to direct the remote control around.

This seminar was eye-opening!  Students now have such great opportunities to utilize amazing forms of technology and it is so encouraging to see that they are taking advantage of such opportunities and brainstorming such neat ideas.

Until next time,